Health Science and society 2019

A school for young health professionals in Loppiano, 6 - 9 October. We are waiting for you!


Yes, we are talking to you, student or young professional in the biomedical area.

How are the exams going? Is graduation maybe around the corner? Or have you already started working, training in the healthcare field? How do you like it so far?

Is this universe what you expected it to be? Most definitely, throughout the University you have learned a great deal, acquired the techniques and skills that will help you do your job as a clinician, nurse, biologist, pharmacist, physiotherapist, researcher…

Have you ever wondered though if what you learned is enough? Do you feel ready to hold the burden of questions and doubts, suspensions and discomfort for which many people just like you, will ask your help? Will you able to comfortably navigate various cultural and ethical values of those who will turn to you? Will you move at ease through your country's health system? How do you feel when people, in the media or on the internet, discredit the medical sciences?

Does the University prepare you for all this?

Partly yes, partly no.

We would like to offer you an experience in which, with the mentorship of qualified experts, we will try to reflect together on these issues.

The appointment is at Loppiano, near Florence, from 6 to 9 October 2019. Find all the information and the registration form at:

For more information about the international little town of Loppiano you can go to

We are waiting for you!

Alejandra Giménez                    Paraguay

Ana Helena Pinto                       Portugal

Antonio De Mitri                          Italy

Dana Salameh                            Palestine

Giovangiuseppe Cenatiempo      Italy

Mariagrazia Arneodo                   Italy

Marisol Rodriguez Alcaraz          Spain

Teodoro Marotta                          Italy

Teresa Sanchez de Mora            Spain

Víctor Echavarría                        Dominican Republic



The school is an international multiprofessional and interdisciplinary workshop for students and young professionals.
The teaching method is interactive - with the opportunity for dialogue and discussions in seminars, workshops and debates - involving students and teachers alike.
The topics were proposed, evaluated and explored by an international planning group formed by some of the participating students over a six-month period. Supervised by established professionals, the process produced the baseline material for the course.


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