I went in for a routine, 20-week ultrasound. At this point, most expectant parents find out their baby’s gender. Since I was a high-risk patient due to my four previous C-sections, I was scheduled a little earlier to make sure that the baby was growing well and that there was no placenta accreta (a dangerous condition when the placenta becomes embedded).

A psychologist discusses how to cope with pandemic stress and family options. Much has been written and discussed about pandemic-driven anxiety in our families and local communities.

How to be “pro-life”

Three years ago I got pregnant, when I was 22 years old. I was taking my last course in business management at college and I had a clear goal for my life post-graduation: to get a good job at a big company.

A marriage and family therapist shares effective strategies for building resilient unity in our relationships.

As her father lay dying from Covid, a daughter helped bring family reconciliation. In March, my 78-year-old father was admitted to the hospital. John, my youngest brother, had called me, explaining that Dad had a fever and was struggling to catch his breath.

The art of letting go

A mother journeys with her addict son. Here’s her story. My son’s drug addiction started around the time he finished high school. Both my husband and I had never done drugs, so at the beginning we were very naïve.

Facing fights about academic authorship. I work as a scientist in the agriculture division of a university. Throughout my years pursuing a science degree, and now a science career in academia, I have always found it challenging to live the spirituality of unity,

A simple truth A teenager’s trust in God’s plan while facing Crohn’s disease A teenager’s trust in God’s plan while facing Crohn’s disease
When I was 14, I was a vivacious eighth grader who liked to play tennis and spend time with my friends. Then I began to feel very unlike my usual self. I had severe abdominal pain, was losing weight and experienced a huge decrease in energy. Countless doctor’s appointments and blood tests revealed nothing of relevance!Then one September day in my first year of high school, I was rushed to the ER with unbearable pain in my midsection.

Children across the country and around the world learn the Gospel-based Art of Loving through the Cube of Love program. This is what we received from one of our readers.

Dr. Evelyn Billings AM, 94, is an inspirational woman with a long list of achievements. Together with her husband of 64 years, the late Dr. John Billings, she pioneered the Billings Ovulation Method, which has been taught to women, couples, medical students and doctors since the 1950s in more than 100 countries — in fact, it is the only official natural method for fertility regulation in China and has been successfully tested by the World Health Organization. It also has the backing of the Catholic Church, given its natural methodology for regulating fertility.

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