HDC- Centro per Anziani Chiara Lubich

From the commitment of a small Focolare community to the most vulnerable, a Centre for the elderly has been opened in a village in the Peruvian jungle, named after the Movement’s founder.

«May the Olympic torch be the light at the end of this tunnel that mankind has faced». This is what Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, said on March 24, after having agreed with the Japanese authorities to postpone the XXXII Games until 2021.

In other words: what space does art occupy in my life? What is the value of Italian artistic production as a contribution to the wealth and culture of our Country? 

HDC Brasil

If, on the one hand, the government shows its inability to lead  Brazilians towards overcoming the crisis, on the other, an impressive humanitarian network is being woven.

Once again, we felt powerless. A question arises: Are we incapable of controlling nature and safeguarding it?

The experience of doctors in Italy has contributed to the preparation of WHO’s guidance on preparedness, prevention and control of COVID-19 in prisons and other places of detention.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe, research into finding an effective vaccine continues, both in the pharmaceutical industry and in public research. 

Asunción: Simposio Internacional “Fraternidad en salud”

Comunicaciòon fraterna | Bioética | Salud y espiritualidade ! Cuidado del profesional | Cuidado del paciente y la familia en fase terminal

There have been few changes in the life of man as profound as those which have happened in the biomedical sciences and in medical practice in the last few decades. 

Despite the complexity of plastic waste disposal, young people seek solutions and take action. I’m a third-year college student who has signed up for far too many classes this semester — and therefore, an avid iced coffee drinker.

L’identità della persona con demenza

Nearly 50 million people worldwide suffer from dementia. According to current forecasts, by the year 2050, this figure will have tripled.

Tantissimi auguri di Buon Natale
e di un nuovo anno
foriero di pace!


23-25 Agosto 2018. Diálogo Interdisciplinar na Construção da Saúde Integral. Atualmente é consenso comum que a bioquímica e a genética não são suficientes para uma compreensão perspicaz

Giornalismo e pace Media, periferie, legami di pace ed economie di guerra

Media, periferie, legami di pace ed economie di guerra.Dal Sulcis Iglesiente allo Yemen Iglesias - 5/6 maggio 2018.  «Se le coscienze delle persone che ci rappresentano in Parlamento fossero state più forti

ROMA 20 - 22.04.2018 - Quando lo sport abbatte le barriere – Sport breaks limits. Al centro del convegno che si svolgerà a Roma dal 20 al 22 aprile, il ruolo dello sport davanti al limite e alle barriere di ogni genere: fisiche, psicologiche, relazionali, culturali, sociali, ambientali.

19 aprile 2018 - 21 aprile 2018 “Nature breaks limits” Rifletteremo insieme su come i limiti – geografici, naturali, tecnologici … – possono diventare trampolini di lancio per un futuro sostenibile del genere umano e dell’ambiente terrestre.

Chiara Lubich shared the light she experienced during a period of illness.

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