How to be “pro-life”

Three years ago I got pregnant, when I was 22 years old. I was taking my last course in business management at college and I had a clear goal for my life post-graduation: to get a good job at a big company.

The pregnancy was a complete surprise, not only for me, but also for my boyfriend. He was 25, and like myself, didn’t have a full-time job or economic stability. Yet he supported me and told me that it was my decision whether to keep the baby or not.

At that time, I was living with my parents and sister, who are deeply committed Catholics. For this reason, finding myself in such a situation worried me greatly. I was especially concerned as to how my parents would take this news. The last thing I wanted was to disappoint them.

Having an abortion had become more and more common among those around me. In fact, I have a friend who had an abortion and doesn’t regret the decision.

Yet I felt that I could not decide the life or death of a defenseless human being. Decisions such as these are difficult, because any choice of action will have its effects. Therefore, in silence, I tried to decide responsibly. I decided I was going to keep the baby.

At first I tried to keep the pregnancy a secret, telling only my sister. Luckily, my health was perfect and there weren’t any problems.

When I was four months pregnant, I went to the beach for New Year’s break. During that trip, I received the most distressing phone call of my life.

My dad was calling to ask me if I was pregnant after finding prenatal vitamins in my room. With tears in my eyes, I said “yes”, before apologizing for disappointing him. My father told me that he would support me.

After returning home, I talked with my dad. My mom needed more time before she could speak about this news and eventually support me. I think my mother wanted a different future for me. While waiting for her to come to terms with my pregnancy, I didn’t feel like the most welcomed person in my house.

However, as time passed, I felt stronger. It was incredible to see how my body was changing and I treasured the feeling of having a human being growing inside of me.

For me, trusting in God’s will and his providence was key. I got a job in a bank with benefits, including health insurance that covered a hospital birth. Little by little, everything was falling into place.

Having my baby was worth everything that came before. It was the beginning of a wonderful, yet different, life. My son, Tadeo is now two years old, and he is a marvelous child. I obtained my degree in Management, and I also have my own small business selling children’s clothing.

It’s not what I had imagined for my future, but I think my real life is even better.

So, if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, consider taking the risk to change your life. Perhaps it is exactly what you need to be happy.

Choosing love over judgment

By G. F.

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