A perspective of Healthcare Interdependence and Cervical Carcinoma

Locandina FirenzeIn a world where interdependence seems to be ever more necessary, health care needs to discover ways to develop new frontiers and skills using direct forms of collaboration which can overcome situations of inequality. This way, good healthcare outcomes can be possible and attainable not only in countries with higher healthcare standards.

By means of conventions and the spreading of information about the results of this endeavour, we would like to promote a type of health care based on a new medical etiquette.

It is in this particular framework that the present scientific meeting is being held.

Our objective is to create an opportunity for exchange and dialogue among experts in science, culture and the social sciences regarding the possibility of interdependence and how to promote it.

In this perspective the subject of cervical cancer (considered as the ‘big killer’ in developing countries due to the lack of prevention programs, scarce diagnostic care and inadequate treatment facilities) has been dealt with. Dialogue, active interchange of ideas and proposals present themselves as elements for “new pathways” to know more and better about an existing situation. 

firenzeSpecific Objectives

To underline the aspect of interdependence as an element of collective health and the healthcare system

To emphasize the importance of a collegial, interdisciplinary and inter-professional work-up in order to implement an international healthcare project

firenzeTo endorse a culture that involves entire human community in making healthcare decisions that are evaluated in terms of efficacy and cost-effectiveness

To foster the creation of collaborative networks among health infrastructures, and public and private entities to promote, establish, develop and support appropriate clinical activities in disadvantaged regions

To highlight the value and contribution of communication technologies in carrying out healthcare activities in countries with limited resources

To propose a model of clinical management and scientific research based on the concept of reciprocity


Morning session

Health and Development

Moderators: G. Amunni – P.G. Taiti

  • International Health Cooperation. The right to what kind of health?
    M. Toschi
  • Health and Culture in the present sociological sphere of the community
    M. Nkafu Nkemnkia
  • Poverty and cervical cancer
    G. Scambia
  • Health care and economic relationships in the international communit
    G.A. Cornia
  • Round-table discussion

Afternoon session

Dealing with Cervical Carcinoma through Know-how and Capacity  Building

Moderators: A. Bavazzano – M. Marchionni

  • Satellite link-up with Fontem
    M. Zanzucchi
  • Cervical Cancer. The Reality in Cameroon 
    J.I.R. Leke
  • Cervical Cancer Management. Limits and Resources in the Framework of Interdependence
    P. Benedetti Panici
  • Experience of the Fontem-Florence Partnership
    L. Bazzini – M.G. Fallani
  • Cervical Carcinoma. From a project of cooperation to an interdependent healthcare framework
    L. Falchi 
  • Relationships in Medicine. Dialogue between the healthcare system, society, research and medical humanities
    F. Caretta 
  • Round table discussion
  • Reflections and working proposals

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