Appuntamento Mestre Communication as a quality and resource in healthcare service

The essential aspect of a person consists in his/her capacity to relate. In the healthcare environment, where sickness has a strong conditioning effect on relationships between healthcare worker and patient and among health workers, communication becomes a need we cannot ignore. In our society, healthcare workers’ formation is focused on the scientific, technical and care aspects, but there is a need to return to a more unified vision of the person, especially the sick. 

There is a growing aspiration to have a cultural overhauling which integrates professional commitment with the human aspect of healthcare in different ambits. The objective of this congress is to deepen the aspects of communication and thus contribute to making it a resource for all healthcare professions. It is an indispensable value that should be developed in medical etiquette.

Appuntamento Mestre


  • Developing skills in relating and the quality of care: a plus in healthcare
    Dr. Flavia Caretta – A. Gemelli University Polyclinic (Rome)
  • Reciprocity: a value and a hope for the terminally ill
    Dr. Valter Giantin – Padova University Polyclinic
  • Patient-healthcare worker interrelationship: premises and attitudes
    Prof. Giuseppe Milan – Faculty of Formation Sciences – Padova University
  • Communication among health workers: teamwork
    Dr. Antonella Deponte – Psychology of Communication – University of Trieste
  • Clinical studies
  • Artistic intermission: “Hinn and Dak’s Sunsets”
    Text by Redi Maffino Maghenzani as read by Ugo Sartori (actor)

Appuntamento Mestre

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